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Tips for making simple changes to your eating habits that will make a big difference to everyday health:

  • Swap sugary drinks for sugar-free options, low-fat milk or water – You will be surprised by how much sugar you could cut from your diet
  • Swap regular cheese for reduced fat cheeseBy simply swapping from full-fat to reduced-fat cheese you save unnecessary calories from fat.
  • Swap butter for butter spreads – You will reduce your overall fat intake for the day
  • Swap sugary cereal for plain cereal – If cereal is your breakfast of choice, try swapping from sugary cereals to plain cereals, for example plain Pronutro; rolled oats or plain shredded whole grain such as All Bran Flakes.
  • Swap your salt: To help reduce the amount of salt you consume on a daily basis, try swapping salt for herbs and spices to add flavour to your dish instead. Choose low sodium stock if you are making homemade soups
  • Swap to smaller food portions: Often, we dish up more than we need. Try halving the amount of food you initially put on your plate. If you’re still hungry, you can always go back for a little more. You will probably realise that the first portion was enough to fill you up.
  • Swapping from bought lunch to pre-packed lunch: If you want to make sure that you will eat healthily throughout the day, pack your own snacks and lunch. A good option would be a leftover dinner portion which may help to keep you satisfied for longer.
  • Choose healthier snacks: It’s always tempting to reach for a bag of crisps, or a chocolate when cravings or energy dips hit between meals. If you have a sweet tooth, try a fruit or low-fat yoghurt.  If you prefer savoury snacks, choose a small handful of unsalted nuts or lean biltong. Remember, if you don’t have unhealthy snacks in the house or at the office, you won’t be able to eat them!

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