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Club Rules
To ensure the safety, security and well-being of all our members, please refer to the Club Rules below. Please be aware that these Rules form part of your contract with GO Health Club.

Who do these rules apply to?
Any person entering our premises, regardless of the nature of their visit, must abide by our Club rules. Failure to do so may result in GO Health Club asking you to vacate the premises. In extreme circumstances, and if it is deemed necessary, we may cancel your GO Health Club membership.

Amending Club Rules:
The Club rules may need to be updated from time to time, so please visit our website for the most recent version.

Using GO Health Clubs:

  • You need to use a sweat towel at all times while training and remember to keep hydrated.
  • Please adhere to the Club’s operating hours.
  • Please refrain from bringing any alcohol or drugs into our clubs.
  • Smoking is prohibited on our premises.
  • No pets are allowed on the premises (with the exception of guide dogs).
  • Weapons and firearms are not allowed onto our premises. Only police officers that are on duty or security officials who enter our premises on official police/security business will be permitted to bring their weapon along. Should such officials be using our Club as members, they will not be allowed to bring their weapons onto our premises.
  • Selling and/or marketing of any product or service to other members while in our clubs is prohibited.
  • Taking photos or videos in our clubs is not allowed.
  • The Go Health Club name and/or logo may not be used for any promotional, marketing, advertising or any other activity without GO Health Club's permission.
  • Our off-peak membership allows you to train between 08h00 and 16h00 on weekdays and at any time on a Saturday and Sunday.

Access Tag:

  • An Access Tag will be issued to you when you join.
  • You are required to have your picture taken when being issued with your Access Tag.
  • Please use your Access Tag to access our Clubs.
  • In the event that you come to the Club without your Access Tag, you will be able to gain access using your ID/passport number. Access may be granted in this manner for up to 3 consecutive visits, after which you will need to purchase a new Access Tag.
  • Please note that access will not be granted if your GO Health Club membership is in arrears or if we have terminated or suspended your membership.
  • Your Access Tag may only be used by you.

Illegal substances:

  • The use, sale or endorsement of any form of illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs (including steroids and any other banned substances) is strictly prohibited on GO Health Club's premises.
  • If it is suspected that this rule has been infringed, your GO Health Club membership will be terminated at our discretion.


  • You will not be permitted to access our facilities whilst under the influence of alcohol, illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs (including steroids).
  • Please refrain from committing any acts of intimidation or threats, or exhibiting menacing behaviour towards other GO Health Club users.
  • Harassment, violent behaviour or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • The use of foul, loud, offensive or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • Please do not commit any act that may be offensive to other users of GO Health Club.
  • You may not share a shower cubicle at any time.
  • You will be held liable for any damages caused by you or your dependents.


  • Please wear appropriate exercise clothing while exercising in the Club. T-shirts and closed training shoes must be worn at all times. Slops/sandals are only permitted in the change rooms.


  • Parking may only be used by members and guests who are using our facilities. Any parking fees due (if applicable) will be for your expense.
  • Please make use of the designated parking bays only. Cars parked illegally may be clamped and a release fee will be payable.
  • Please ensure that valuable items are not left visible inside your vehicle. We have lockers available in our Clubs for storage of keys and other valuables.
  • Your vehicle is parked at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any loss, theft and/or damage to vehicles and/or valuables left inside of vehicles whilst you are using our facilities.

Locker usage:

  • We have provided lockers in our change rooms for you to store your belongings while training. The lockers can be used to store valuable items such as wallets, keys, etc. You will need to bring along two high quality padlocks. The use of a locker is not a guarantee that theft or damage to your belongings will not occur. It is advisable that your personal insurance covers you for loss of personal effects. We will not accept responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to your property, even if it has been locked in a locker.
  • Lockers are to be used for storage of gym wear, toiletries, clothing as well as kit-bags as these are prohibited on the training floor.
  • Your possessions should not be left unattended at any time. Use of our lockers limits potential loss.
  • Lockers may only be used by you while you are training in the Club. Belongings left behind will be cleared daily (at club closure) and placed in lost property. Such items will then be available for collection by you for up to 14 days where after they will be donated to a charity of our choice.

Using our Equipment:

  • Equipment should be used for intended purposes only. Ask for help if needed.
  • Please adhere to the time limits if specified on equipment so everyone has a chance to use it.
  • Avoid using equipment that is in disrepair and please report such equipment to an employee.
  • When making use of the strength equipment, ensure that the weight pin is inserted correctly.
  • Only equipment specifically provided by the manufacturer can be used to increase weight resistance. Please refrain from using dumbbells and other equipment to do so.
  • Please ensure that the treadmill has come to a complete stop before climbing on and/or off it.
  • Please replace weights and other items after use.
  • Food, drinks (other than water bottles and sports drinks) and bags are not permitted on the training floor.

Group exercise classes:

  • Some of our group exercise classes may require that you book in advance. There may also be adhoc changes to classes and/or instructors. Please refer to our website, GO Health Club smartphone application or electronic timetables in Club for the latest version available.
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class starts.

Personal training:

  • Please speak to one of our employees should you wish to sign up with a Personal Trainer.
  • Personal training may only be provided in our Clubs by an authorised GO Health Club Personal Trainer. Suspected or alleged personal training by an unauthorised person will be investigated by the Club Manager and you and the trainer may be suspended or expelled.
  • Our Personal Trainers are responsible for their own business. Payment for services rendered is between you and the Personal Trainer. Please request that you sign an agreement with your Personal Trainer and ask for a receipt whenever purchasing sessions.


  • Please notify one of our employees of any injury or incident you may witness in our Clubs.
  • Please adhere to the health and safety notices on display in our Clubs.
  • In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions given by the staff.
  • Fire doors and safety devices should not be tampered with.
  • No running in the Clubs, unless it’s done on a treadmill.
  • There will be cleaning and maintenance done in the Club on an ongoing basis. Please proceed with caution in these areas.

Junior Members:

These are the Rules that apply specifically to junior members:

  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the training areas in our clubs.
  • Junior members aged 12 to 17:
    - will be allowed into our Clubs provided they are supervised by their parent/legal guardian at all times
    - must use their own Wellness Key to access the Clubs
  • Junior members aged 12 to 13 may:
    - use all cardio-vascular equipment except treadmills
    - use the stretch area
    - participate in the following adult Group Classes: GO Box, Fluid Motion, Pilates and Yoga
  • Junior members aged 12 to 13 may not use any of the equipment on the gym floor other than the cardio-vascular equipment mentioned above unless the junior member is participating in age-appropriate programmes and/or classes being led by a recognised fitness professional.
  • Junior members aged 14 to 17 has full access to all facilities in our clubs.

Final note:

  • All queries and complaints should be made directly to the Club Manager.
  • Approval of membership applications remain at our discretion.
  • Right of admission is reserved.

Open Weekend Rules

  • Guests of GO Health Club are required to complete and sign a disclaimer form prior to being allowed access into the Club.
  • Disclaimer forms for children between the ages of 12 and 17 years old must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.
  • Children between the ages of 12 to 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult whilst training in the Club.
  • The GO Health Club Rules are applicable to all guests using the Club. Please make sure that you read and understand the Club Rules.
Website Terms and Conditions
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Partner Terms and Conditions
  • GO Health Club has teamed up with the various Partners to bring you even more rewarding ways of earning rewards and receiving special discounts.
  • Partner deals are valid for one year from signing your membership contract, thereafter subject to approval from GO Health Club.
  • Specials and promotions are not applicable to Partner deals.

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