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Get your kids Moving

The advantages of exercise go far beyond just burning calories and getting into shape. Increased muscle mass, bone strengthening, increase in energy levels and improved sense of balance and core stability are only a few features that can benefit your children.

At GO Health Club, we encourage you to get active with your kids and this way you can keep a healthy routine too.

Are you a GO Health Club member?
If yes, your kids (12 to 17 years old) can TRAIN FOR FREE.

12 – 13 years old: Your children can use all of the cardio equipment with the exception of the treadmill. They can also attend the GO Flow and GO Box classes.

14 – 17 years old: Your children are able to use all of the equipment, as well as attend all of the Group Classes.



It’s important to remember that children of different ages need different things from their exercise routine. Some just want to play, some need to improve their hand-eye co-ordination and some want to increase their overall fitness and muscle tone. Be sure to understand just what your kids need and you won’t go wrong.

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