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World Cup Wellness

The Rugby World Cup is almost here and most South Africans are counting down the days to the first whistle! Sport and more specifically rugby has the incredible ability to bring people together. From opposite ends of the world we unite to battle the opposition. It is an exhilarating time when spirits are high, festivities are flowing and we get to spend lots of time with our friends and family on any day of the week… poised on the edge of our seats.

We are excited but lets not get too excited! For those of us who are still trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle in amongst the braai meat, chips and biltong, it’s a great idea to incorporate a fun game or two during a match to get you up and active. Here are a few ideas:

Fitness Fines

Why not introduce a bet between friends and instead of betting with money or food, you bet physical challenges. If your team either wins the game, scores a tri or a conversion, or is awarded a penalty, there could be a fine or penalty activity for your opponent. For example:

A tri: 5 push-ups

A conversion: 5 crunches

A penalty: 5 burpees

Choose anything you like… perhaps a move from a GO Burn or GO Dance class, as long as you make it energetic and interactive. Involve the whole family and the kids too – they will love it!

Plan and play

Another way of incorporating exercise into the world cup is to look at the game schedule and plan a free weights session, a GO Cycle class or a long run on days that your favourite teams play. This way you can feel revived, refreshed and ready to give your full support for the whole 80-minute game.

Half time touch

If you are happy to miss the mid-game, half time can also be the ideal time to get outside and stretch your legs. Why not include a quick game of touch rugby? No doubt it will be both energizing and amusing for the whole family!

With all the hype and festivities make sure you are making the right lifestyle choices. This way you are staying active, as well as maintaining a healthy eating regime and keeping your all-round wellness in tact!

Let’s make sure it’s not only the players getting a good workout this world cup! Be healthy, be playful and enjoy.