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Fitness His Edition

Fitness loving South Africans will soon have the opportunity to exercise in state of the art health club facilities driven by the very latest technology, underpinned by a holistic health philosophy.

The new club in Northwold is the first of 40 GO Health clubs that will roll out between now and 2019. GO Health promises to give health lovers unprecedented value for less, giving many more South Africans the opportunity to live a healthier, fitter lifestyle. You can expect cutting edge equipment from leading fitness and wellness company, Technogym, qualified wellness consultants at your beck and call, as well as a bespoke programme to track your progress and fitness that’s facilitated by a sophisticated app. All of this is enclosed in a warm, friendly and motivating environment.

“GO Health’s mission is to be the model 21st century health club that inspires and empowers people to make exercise part of their everyday life,” says Rory Sweetlove, Managing Director of GO Health.

GO Health takes technology and the science of wellness seriously and has partnered with global technology experts, Exerp (leaders in club management systems), Technogym (leaders in fitness equipment) and Gantner (specialists in top-class access technology). What this means is that GO Health have the freedom to create solutions from the ground up.

When you join GO Health, you receive an electronic device, the GO Health Wellness Key and access to the GO Health app, which is a first for South Africa. These tools give you admission to the club, plus they enable you to load your personal exercise program into any machine in the club. You’re also able to use the device to record your outdoor activities. In this way, you can track your overall performance and calories burned, while getting rewarded for efforts in and out of the club. The app syncs all the exercise you do (inside and outside), so you can stay connected to your goals, progress and personal best. Ultimately, it’s there to help you stay motivated.

The thinking behind the approach GO Health has employed is that fitness isn’t something we solely do inside a club. “Fitness is a holistic health philosophy that should stay with members beyond the club and follow them into their lives. At the same time, we want the clubs to be convenient, and importantly, affordable.” concludes Rory. The monthly fees at R259 are a fraction of what you pay at established, branded clubs.

For more information visit Go Health Club.