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What is a fad exercise? We’ve all seen them, the fitness and eating crazes that gets everyone overexcited and committing 110% effort to, only to be unachievable in a realistic world and therefore giving up soon after. It’s the ideal “get fit fast” or a piece of equipment that will instantly help you drop those unwanted kilo’s that keeps us going back for more. The promise that it’s actually easy to get in the best shape of your life with little to no effort required. Unfortunately a fad is widely shared, short lived and generally without basis, leaving the object and goal unachievable. So what are some of the exercise fads that can be seen today?


There are many different types of equipment seen on TV commercials these days, promising that if you use their exercise equipment you will instantly shed that unwanted weight. Equipment such as ab rollers, shaking weights, body belts, sauna pants, and the list goes on, can all end up sitting in the corner of your room collecting dust. These items are only effective when used in conjunction with a controlled eating plan and additional exercise routines. If this is the case, and you are following a healthy eating plan and an taking part in an exercise routine, then these products can be used as a great addition to your program and can be used as a little motivation to change up your training, burn extra calories and have a little fun.

False Claims

Any product or exercise routine that gives you a no fuss, quick fix, life changing promise is hard to live up to. The truth of the matter is that weight loss and muscle building takes time and effort. Getting up and doing a “5 minutes to rock hard abs” program is not giving you all the information and exercise you need to actually get those rock hard abs. Getting results like this takes a realistic amount of hard work, eating the correct food, staying hydrated and getting up and moving. A lot of these programs are short lived and once you don’t get the results, they end up being just another program that didn’t work. It can be said that most of the exercises given can be used in conjunction with other exercise routines and help to give you an overall great body work out.

Diet pills and Cleanses

Unfortunately there is little to no substitute to a healthy and controlled eating plan. One should not aim to lose more than 500g per week, and up to 1kg at a push to be losing weight in a healthy manner. Your body needs to adjust its set point for weight, and losing weight at a rapid rate, does not help one do this. Diet pills can help shed the weight, but they too require you to follow a specific eating plan, or cleanse, which can ultimately be harmful for your body. A lot of these cleanses, pills and shakes are not sustainable to eat/drink over long periods of time and are certainly no substitute for a healthy eating plan. More often than not, the weight tends to come back once you stop the program.

Weight loss sports gear

We have all seen them, certain flip flops or balance bracelets that promise you overall great leg workouts just for walking, or improved performance from wearing the bracelets.  It’s hard to believe that a pair of shoes will strengthen your legs and get you fit. Besides being a very comfortable pair of shoes, your ability to walk further is a possibility without getting sore feet, but your walking/running shoes will do just as good a job at no additional cost. As for performance enhancing bracelets, that one can be up for discussion, as many athletes have had results based on the placebo effect, and if you feel that the technology works for you, then go ahead.

So what is a fitness or exercise trend versus a fitness fad? A fad will be a hyped up version of training or equipment that comes and goes with time and popularity, whereas a trend will be a way in which we approach exercise. For example, the new trend may be to incorporate functional training and higher intensity effort into ones training regime to utilise your whole body and maximize overall body strength. One can do so through individualised home programs, seek professional help or join a functional training class. This is going to add numerous benefits to your overall training, health and strength. A fad would be in order to achieve this goal, you have to buy a certain product, program or piece of equipment that is popular at the time that promises you overall body strength and will get you looking your best.

As with any form of weight loss it always comes down to losing the weight and building strength gradually and in a healthy manner. Any exercise routine or equipment commercial that promises you a fast track way to reach a goal is often unrealistic or unattainable, and not to mention expensive. On the other hand, if you are needing a reason to get up off the couch and get moving, any form of exercise can be very beneficial to your health and fitness. These products and routines can also be seen as an opening into starting a new form of training or being the kick start to getting those trainers out from the back of the cupboard. It’s important to remember that if the products don’t work, it’s not the time to just give up. Keep going and keep moving, you will feel so much healthier than if you had just stayed on that couch.