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GO Health Club is launching the first of many 12 week RESULTS NOT RESOLUTIONS Challenges – designed to help you actually achieve your fitness goals in 2019!

Start Date: Participants can sign up for the challenge at any point in time.
Cost: R385.00

Male Winner: R10 000 worth of prizes
Female Winner: R10 000 worth of prizes

RESULTS NOT RESOLUTIONS is focused on just that – RESULTS! We have created a 12 week challenge that provides you with all of the tools you will need in order to achieve your health and fitness goals. Join our movement and take the first step towards a healthy body, mind and spirit with our all-inclusive program.

You may enter the challenge at any point in time to begin and complete your 12 week transformative journey. Once you have completed the registration process successfully, you will receive all of your material and key information via email so you can get started immediately. You do not need to be a member at GO Health Club to follow and benefit from this program – it is open to and suitable for everyone to enter. However, you do require gym equipment to complete our workouts.

The very first winners will be announced in June 2019 (from everyone that registers in January and February 2019), and thereafter ONE male winner and ONE female winner will be selected monthly from the respective registration batches. For example, if you registered in March, you would fall into the July winner batch. If you registered in April, you would fall into the August winner batch and so on.

However – the real prize is in following through with your own personal challenge, beating your personal best, pushing past your peak, curbing bad habits, developing a regular exercise routine, maintaining a healthy diet, and reaping the abundance of rewards that this combination will bring into your life.

What you get:

  1. 12 Week Nutritional Plan – including shopping lists and a weekly meal tracker
  2. 12 Week Training Program – including an exercise library and a weekly exercise tracker (you need access to gym equipment)
  3. Access to our RESULTS NOT RESOLUTIONS Facebook group where you become part of GHC Nation and can share your progress, motivation, encouragement and inspiration with the rest of our community
  4. Weekly motivation, tips & tricks for staying on track and educational information to support you throughout your fitness journey
  5. Support and encouragement from our fitness crew


In order to register you will be required to complete the following checklist:

  1. Pay registration fee of R385 via our online portal
  2. Complete the online registration form
  3. Upload your before pictures (front, side and back) and input all the required body measurements
  4. Download your 12 Nutritional Plan
  5. Download your 12 Week Training Program
  6. Get started and get GOing!

Once you have completed the 12 Week Challenge you will be required to upload your after picture (front, side and back) and update all the required body measurements. We would also like to hear any feedback on your experience and how this program has helped to change your lifestyle for the better. 

We look forward to having you join us, supporting you throughout this process and hearing your success story at the end of the challenge!

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